Growing a business is like raising a child —
it's hard to do alone.

Finding an advisor who will help you define a winning strategy, build a growth machine, and mentor your team might be something you need more than you think.

Here is how we can work together —

One-on-One Consultation

You can book one hour or a package of consulting hours with me. This time can go toward any marketing project, can be used to gather feedback, or to discuss a challenge you are facing with growing your business. 

Some examples:​

  • Evaluation of current marketing efforts 

  • Review of marketing OKRs

  • Mentoring and training of marketing team

  • Definition of marketing KPIs and tracking of marketing success

  • Landing page optimization for conversions

  • Optimization of Google Ads campaigns

Fractional CMO

A fractional CMO is a senior-level marketing leader you work with part-time. 


It's an excellent solution for your company if you need more time to be ready, can't afford it, or are struggling to hire a full-time CMO.

As your fractional CMO, I will define the marketing strategy, translate it into actionable and measurable deliverables, and lead and mentor your marketing department. 

We can craft a relationship that works best for you over a short (1-3 months) or long (4+ months) period. ​

Marketing Strategy

I can help you craft a winning marketing strategy, growth campaign, or lead generation program that will work specifically for your industry, solution, and buyer persona. 

I incorporate the most up-to-date user acquisition trends, search engine algorithm updates, and marketing best practices when working on a marketing strategy.

Do you already have a marketing strategy in place? I offer a one-time review of your current plan and recommendations on how it could be improved, implemented, and tracked. 

Get in touch to see if there is a fit for working together.